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toyota altis suitable for 4 passengers

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    • Services taxi in Pattaya City to Bangkok and Airport and Airport to Bangkok
    • Suvarnabhumi and Donmueang to DownTown and go to Another Provicial
    • work 24 hours
    • Detailed driver backgound checks
    • GPS navigator
    • Big Car Innova (request)
    • Car Seat (request)
    • *** Price note include toll way and parking fee.


จังหวัดProvicialPrice AltisLady driver (altis)Limousine,Seven seat
พัทยา - ในเมืองกรุงเทพPattaya - Bangkok Donmuang1,5002,0002,000
อู่ตะเภา - พัทยาU-Tapao - Pattaya1,0001,3001,300
กรุงเทพในเมือง - พัทยาBangkok Downtown - Pattaya1,5002,0002,000
สุวรรณภูมิ - พัทยาSuvarnabhumi - Pattaya1,4001,8001,800
ดอนเมือง - พัทยาDonmueang - Pattaya1,6002,2002,200
หัวหิน - พัทยาHua Hin - Pattaya3,5004,0004,000
เกาะช้าง - พัทยาKohchang - Pattaya2,8003,3003,300
พิษณุโลก - พัทยาPhitsanulok - Pattaya5,3006,0006,000

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taxi pattaya

fortuner for 5 customers and with luggage

Do you know that going to Pattaya by renting a Taxi Pattaya can save more money than you think?

           Pattaya is a special governed city located in Chonburi which is one of the most popular cities in Thailand. This is because this location is far from the capital of Thailand for only 140 km. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Pattaya. For examples, beaches, seas, or islands which will take only three hours from Bangkok. You can feel the atmosphere around the white sand, and find the peace on Koh Larn Island, the famous island in Thailand. taxi pattaya to hua hin , However, for anyone who does not want to travel to the islands, you can see the beautiful beaches on Pattaya beach or Jomtein beach. Additionally, for people who love the nightlife, the night in Pattaya can make you feel enjoyed and excited with the entertainment at night. taxi pattaya to hua hin  ,That is the reason why Pattaya is called “The Never Sleep City” call go to pattaya Tel 0617284455.

          Taxi to Pattaya Not only the beautiful beaches and nightlife entertainment, but Pattaya city also has various types of food, shopping places, and souvenirs for the foreigners who visit Thailand go to pattaya. In this way, Pattaya has become the famous city that many tourists around the world love to visit and get relax even it is the short or long pattaya to airport , Surely, the living costs and other expenses like food, shopping and travel expenses are higher than other places. One of the reasons is that there are a lot of foreigners live in Pattaya. So it will cost too much money especially in travelling from the city to other tourist attractions. And if you do not travel by private cars, you have to accept the fact that it will be very expensive Taxi Pattaya good services.

Taxi Pattaya From the reasons above, renting a Taxi to Pattaya

          would be a choice for tourists whether Thai people or foreigners. This way you can plan and fix the budget for travelling by taxi to Pattaya. You will know how much you have to pay for the whole trip. There are a lot of ways to rent a taxi Pattaya. For examples, you can rent it by round trip or one-day renting. If you choose renting the taxi for a day,taxi pattaya to hua hin you can go to many places in Pattaya such as Nongnuch Garden, Si Pak Floating Market, Sujjatum Castle, or Ocean Park. taxi pattaya to airport The mentioned places are rather far away from each other. taxi pattaya to hua hin Therefore, anyone who has been there before definitely knew that it will cost a lot of money to get from one place to others service by taxi Pattaya.

          Thus, a better way to go to Pattaya is by renting the taxi pattaya to hua hin. It can save much money if you travel with your family or friends. Also, you can rent the taxi anywhere. You can leave at Suvarnabhumi airport, Don Muang airport, Bangkok, or other provinces. We can pick you up anywhere you want so that you can save a lot of time. The price for renting the taxi is very clear whether round trip renting (able to identify the day you want to go back) or one day renting Taxi Pattaya one day. For that reason go to pattaya, you will feel comfortable that you can plan the budget in travelling taxi pattaya to airport and no one can overcharge you for sure.

        go to pattaya, For anyone who is interested in renting taxi Pattaya services, you can contact us for more information taxi pattaya to airport. You can make a reservation to go to Pattaya or make the urgent renting. We are ready to serve you 24 hours. Also, we will let you choose the sizes and types of vehicles with the best standard and safety. Taxi Pattaya one day  And we can help you in providing the information about travelling in Pattaya with our professional services. reserve Taxi to pattaya call 061-728-4455

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taxi pattaya

Big car innova ready to go

taxi to pattaya

Camry car travels to Pattaya with a spacious interior and comfortable seating.

taxi to pattaya

Travel to Pattaya, contact to reserve a car on time for an appointment.

taxi to pattaya

Van service for traveling to Pattaya, passenger 10 -13 people.

go to pattaya

Travel to the sea, contact us.

go to pattaya

Book a car to Pattaya, service with a professional driver.

Pattaya City high view

taxi pattaya to airport

Pattaya Beach

taxi pattaya to airport

Sanctuary of Truth

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Mini Siam Pattaya

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Khao Chee Chan Temple

taxi pattaya to hua hin

Pattya Dolphin World & Resort

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