• Sedan is suitable for 4 people.

  • Camry is a D segment car, more powerful and bigger.

  • Innova, a 7-seat car, can hold a lot of luggage.

  • Fortuner, size 7 seats, suitable for the road.

  • Van size 15 seats traveling as a group.

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    • Koh Chang to Pattaya and Bangkok Airport
    • Suvarnabhumi and Donmueang to DownTown and go to Another Provicial
    • work 24 hours
    • Detailed driver backgound checks
    • GPS navigator
    • Big Car Innova (request)
    • Car Seat (request)
    • *** Price note include toll way and parking fee.


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Taxi Koh Chang, A Perfect Journey

          Talking about Koh Chang, transport to koh chang almost everyone knows this island because it is very beautiful and there are various interesting activities to do there. go to koh chang For examples, diving, and trekking. suvarnabhumi to koh chang Renting a taxi Koh Chang would be the best answer. It will help you make a plan to do taxi to koh chang the activities perfectly. Also, going by taxi, you do not have to drive by yourself so that you can have any activities you want. You do not have to think about your energy because you already have a driver. go to koh chang Besides, it will help you with a small group to decide to choose the activities you want to do.

          When you arrived in Trad, transport to koh chang you have to go to Ferry port to cross to Koh Chang and try to leave your home early in the morning because it is rather far and the way to the hotel is not that good. Anyway, it will save a lot of time going by a taxi. When you already arrived in the port taxi to koh chang, you have to pay for the boat and car (take taxi there). If it is a long holiday, you may have to wait for a moment. While waiting, you will see the very big mountain that is Koh Chang, located in just a few kilometers, go to koh chang blocked by the blue and green sea. go to koh chang The wave of the sea can help you not to feel sleepy by the smell of the sea. The big Ferry ship softly moves to the island. suvarnabhumi to koh chang The smell of the sun and the sea makes you feel active with the destination you are going to face with.

          Arrived at the port, it will have two ways, keep right, there will be the beaches and resorts for anyone want to go to the sea. It is the right place for the one who wants to feel the lifestyle of the people here. Many foreigners love this zone. Other side of the island is also interesting. When you turn right, you will be in the complicated way along the mountain. The trees are surrounded the way. You can open the window to take a deep breath and you will feel the true nature as well.

Taxi Koh Chang

          The first thing is heading to the hotel in Bang Bao because we have to book the trips next. You do not have to be worried that you will be lost the way, just keep going that way. Actually, the way must be connected, but there are some reasons that make it stop. Anyway, it is good because tourist must come here for two times to go another side. suvarnabhumi to koh chang Alone the way, transport to koh chang there are beaches to stop by and many resorts like it is one of the cities. Renting the taxi around here, you may go many places in Koh Chang taxi to koh chang at night because it is comfortable to go anywhere.

          When you arrived in Bang Bao, the next thing to do is to choose the hotels or resorts. You can choose the small room or the house nearby the sea. They will recommend the activities for you such as fishing at night, diving, trekking. It depends on how long you will stay there. It will take about three or four days to have all of the activities because one activity will take a whole day. For examples, trekking will take one night because it is quite far. You can choose diving, the boat will leave Bang Bao in the morning. They will sail along the islands and stop by to have diving. There will be the specialist to teach you how to do it. Also, they have the life jacket for you. I am sure that you will see the beautiful scenery in the sea.

          Then you should have a rest. transport to koh chang They will have seafood grilled for almost every hotel. Tonight, you will be sitting by the beach or in the beach sipping the cold drinks, go to koh chang eating burned crabs with sauces, or shells. taxi to koh chang You can choose what you want to eat because it is buffet. But I prefer crabs because it is very fresh. suvarnabhumi to koh chang This can help us from being tired. We will have the activities tomorrow. Try renting the taxi Koh Chang! It is very comfortable! reserve. taxi Koh Chang Tel 061-728-4488

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